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February 14th, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Forget New Year Resolutions, I’m Choosing 100 Goals!

Every year I’ve picked New Year resolutions and every year I have failed to keep them. I’ve tried every “strategy” under the sun and nothing has ever made them stick.

Changing my routine is difficult for me. Trying new things is difficult for me. And setting one specific day to turn my entire life around gives me anxiety attacks that require medication.

So this year I decided there was no way I was going to set myself up for another failure. No New Year Resolutions! I guess in a way that could be considered a resolution in itself but…oh well.

Then sometime during December I came across a blog that really opened my eyes. 100 Goals written by Stephen is a blog about a guy who is living his life directed by 100 goals that he wants to accomplish and the financial moves he has to make to do it. The blog was interesting enough but it was really the list of 100 goals that fired me up. And turned on a 100-watt light bulb in my head.

So I wrote my own list of 100 goals and created a Squidoo lens for them. It was harder than I thought. After about 85, I was scraping the barrel of things I want to do. Of course since then I have stumbled across a couple of new ones that I hadn’t thought of.

Some of the goals are pretty simple, i.e. milk a cow, while others are a bit more lofty, i.e earn my Master’s Degree. But all of them are things that I would like to do and think I can realistically accomplish….IF.

IF I lose the weight that I want to lose and work towards being physically fit.

IF I get my finances in order and dig myself out of debt.

IF I work towards increasing my income so that I can put money towards completing these goals.

So there are the things I normally stick on a New Year resolution list with no real motivation to stick to it. But with the goals behind it I’m working towards something so very specific that there isn’t wiggle room for excuses.

One point I want to make. This is NOT a bucket list. I have nothing against bucket lists and I thought the movie was pretty good but I have no intention of kicking anything anytime in the near or almost near future. In fact, if anything, this is an Avoiding the Bucket List since many of the goals require me to make positive changes that will surely increase my lifespan.

Also I plan on this being only the first of a couple (at least) of 100 Goals lists.

If you are feeling a little lost and unfocused, try choosing 100 goals. Put every super and silly thing you’ve ever wanted to do. My inspiration has “Hitchhike” on his list and I have “Dance in the nude” on mine. These goals don’t have to change the world – they are only meant to change your life. For the better.

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    Congrats on finishing your list! That alone is an accomplishment in itself. Thank you for the kind words about my blog and my “mission”. I’m glad that I have been able to inspire change in your life, because to me, having that influence is beyond words and means more than any goal I can cross off my list!

    Stay motivated and be proactive in your life and no doubt all your “want to do” will become “have dones”! Carpe Diem! on February 15th, 2010
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    Thank you Steven. I wish you the best of luck too!

    jenncarp on March 2nd, 2010


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