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May 5th, 2010 at 7:47 pm

You Wouldn’t Believe Why The Cops Were Called On My Son While I Was Away…

I know. That title isn’t great but I promise the story makes up for it.

A couple of weeks ago most of my family went to Florida on vacation during the school break. My less-than-a-month-from-seventeen year old son decided to stay home. After much consideration, conversation, and instruction we decided it would be all right for him to stay.

Before we left, myhusband and I asked a few neighbors to keep an eye on the place.

We were gone for about a week and I talked to my son every night that he was supposed to be at our house (he spent a couple of days at his dads) and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

until the night before we were coming home. During our scheduled nightly curfew call, he mentioned that the police had been called to the house earlier that evening.

Not what a mother wants to hear

Then he told me the whole story…..

For Christmas my son’s friend got a new t.v. and gave his old one to my son, Damien. That’s just the way him and his friends are, always giving each other stuff.

Since the beginning of the year Damien has really gotten interested in playing guitar. He got it into his mind to sell his XBox 360 in order to buy a new electric acustic guitar. Thinking he wouldn’t be needing his t.v. anymore he offered it to another friend.

So off the two kids go, rolling Damien’s t.v.  to his friend’s house on an old AV cart we had hanging around. In retrospect, not the smartest thing they’ve ever decided, but still not criminal.

Things didn’t start going wrong until they got to his friend’s house. For some reason, the friend’s father was convinced that the boys had stolen the television. Granted, it was a television on an AV cart and we live only three minutes away from a school. So I can kinda see where he was coming from. Anyway he completely freaks and tells the two of them to get that “hot” stuff out of his house.

So Damien and his friend turn around and start rolling the t.v. back to my house. They were in the process of bringing the television back into my son’s room when the police showed up. Someone (the father) had reported the boys and the “stolen” t.v.

The police listened to the boys story, wrote down the serial number of the television, and left. I never heard anything from the police at all.

So my son had the house to himself for a week and the cops get called on him for ….being a generous friend. I have to say that considering all the various reasons the police could be called on my son, that’s the one I would pick if I had to choose.

How many moms can say they are proud of the reason the cops were looking for their kid?

On a side note, the neighbors were watching the whole police scene from inside and talking to each other on cell phones trying to decide whether or not to call my husband and me. I can just picture them peeking out their windows, on phones, saying “Should we call them? Should we call them?”. In the end they decided to give my son the chance to do the right thing and tell us first.

Which, of course, he did.


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