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May 14th, 2010 at 3:47 pm

An Affordable Way To Keep Your Merchandise Secure

Big time stores spend lots of money on security features such as alarms and guards. But for those individuals that have small stores or even just stalls at local flea markets security is just as important.

Buying a security alarms isn’t a feasible option for people operating out of flea market stalls and often small stores have an alarm to protect the store while closed but nothing to stop shoplifting during business hours.

One affordable option if you are in this situation is convex mirrors. You’ve probably seen them in stores near the ceiling and often in corners. These mirrors allow you to see what customers are doing when normally they would be out of your line of sight. Not only that but thieves are less likely to steal if they think that are being watched and can be caught.

The best part is that you can get one of these convex mirrors for about a hundred bucks! Search online for deals or you can keep an eye out for shops that are closing and selling their security mirrors.


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